All ready for the kick-off

All ready for the kick-off

Guadalajara 'European City of Sport 2018' will become the benchmark for European badminton with the celebration of the European Championships from 24 to 30 September. These Europeans, for players from 35 years old to more than 75, are a truly successful event with a participation of 1,235 players never reached to date in a European competition of any category, and only surpassed by a small amount at 2015 Worlds.

In a record event, the 1,235 players surpass the previous European entry list in any type of badminton event that is set at 1,035 at the 2016 European Senior Championships in Podcetrtek (Slovenia). The world record has been less than a 100 participants coded at 1,301 players in the 2015 World Senior Championships in Helsingborg (Sweden). This year, the top of the oldest players falls to the German Gerhard Gronboldt and the Swedish Lisbeth Bengtsson, both 79 years old.

The sporting macro figures of this event show the certificates 1,235 players who have completed a total of 1,722 entries - a player can compete in singles, doubles and mixed - which make a estimation of 1,650 games throughout the week. This will involve play sessions from Monday to Saturday that start at 9:00 in the morning and go beyond 10 in the evening. More than 13 hours of play that did not give a minute of rest in the 12 courts arranged in the Palace of Sports.

At an economic level, the return that this macroevent leaves in Guadalajara and surroundings is estimated at more than 2 million euros. The concepts in which it is broken down are mainly accommodation, food and transportation. In parallel, the cultural and leisure segment has special relevance in this type of events where players from 35 years of age participate. The players participated in competitions, not only to compete, but accompanied b their families and friends, to enjoy activities in parallel with the competition. Entry into the competition is completely free. The presentation of the event will take place on Monday, September 24 at 12:00 in the Palacio de los Deportes de Guadalajara.

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